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Dear Friends, 


I am a New Yorker. I was born in Manhattan and raised on a farm in upstate New York. My entire family, my late husband, children and I were all born at The Mount Sinai Hospital.


I feel profoundly lucky that my family and I are safe and healthy, I am grateful for this and recognize our privilege, but am struggling to sit still knowing that so many people in New York and worldwide, are not so lucky.  


I have spent time talking to family members and friends over the past few days, wondering how I can support the city I love and its people, and to keep my business moving forward in a way that helps. How do you do that when you sell a luxury product like fine jewelry?


Like all of us, I find the new world rules of social distancing and staying at home necessary, but also challenging. While my beloved New York City is in lockdown, it is hard to bear witness to the advance of a virus that is taking many precious lives, whilst also pushing medical systems and health workers to their limits


As a citizen, a mother, a daughter and a business owner, I know that all we must and can do, is to stay safe and do whatever we can to help others. We are all in this together, no matter our origins, race or religion.


Generosity is key in hard times. I know this and we have all seen it in the past few weeks, shared via email, on Instagram and in the news. So many beautiful stories that bring tears to our eyes and make us rethink how we should pave the way, inspire people to become beacons of light, encouraging others to do their parts too.


I have been very touched by the countless individuals raising money for their local hospitals, food banks and care centers in the US and other parts of the world.  Many of these have been in Italy, China and Spain, where we have all witnessed not only their suffering for the past few weeks, but also the exceptional resilience of their people.


After talking with my team, I have decided to set myself the goal to try and raise 1M$ for my own local hospital, The Mount Sinai Hospital to support the Research and Response against COVID-19.


The hospital is gearing up to stay ahead of the pandemic surge, by getting everything from safety equipment, ventilators, PPE, and convalescent plasma program, all in order to support the surge of patients, which has grown to the point where they have had to create a temporary tent hospital in Central Park – the lungs of New York City.


In order to raise this much needed money, we will upload selections of our fine jewelry weekly on WhatsApp and on Instagram, with all profits from sales being donated to The Mount Sinai Hospital. All sales from NinaRunsdorf.com will also go towards our effort to reach our target.


I hope to appeal to those out there who have the means to purchase my beautiful pieces, made with the finest materials, handcrafted with care by master jewelers in New York City, at the same time as offering much needed funds to this healthcare establishment so deeply in need.


Sending you all my love, may you be healthy and safe.



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