New York native Nina Runsdorf is known for her wearable, one-of-a-kind jewelry made from precious and semi-precious stones. Nina’s designs are elegant, modern, creative and never too precious to wear.

From a young age, Runsdorf was surrounded by artists and musicians, family friends that undoubtedly influenced her desire to enter into a craft of her own. When she was just 12 years old, Runsdorf created her first jewelry collection in the kitchen of her parent’s upstate farm.

After working in the fashion industry for several years, she decided to return to her first love,  jewelry. She deepened her knowledge of gemstones working alongside her father-in-law at Runsdorf Associates in the heart of New York’s diamond district as well as becoming GIA certified.

In 2005 she launched her first collection and immediately made a name for herself with her trademarked design, the Flip Ring.

Nina Runsdorf

In 2009 Nina became a forerunner of incorporating Slice Diamonds to her line. She discovered the extraordinary Slice Diamonds that would become one of her signature elements on a trip to India and then spent months developing techniques to create slices from other gemstones.

A fierce believer that each gem contains a personality, Nina has a vibrant, artistic approach, which translates into eclectic pieces that exude passion, romance, and vivacity. Inspired by stones, Nina’s design playful process is forged around the shape, color and type of stone she is using. To her, fine jewelry isn’t merely a commodity; it’s a piece of art that elevates personal style and brings joy to the wearer.

Nina Runsdorf creates her designs out of a beautiful and intimate atelier on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. In her salon, visitors are invited to discover her creations as well as some of her favorite pieces of art which often inspire her designs. She believes an intimate relationship with the designer is the modern definition of luxury and one that defines her way of working with clients: “People want pieces that no one else has, and it’s all about developing a personal connection. That’s luxury today.”

A Bracelet with a Purpose


Nina Runsdorf started working on a new collection called Tree of Life back in January 2020, a normal start of the year for the fine jewelry designer.

Pre-pandemic plans had her launch her exciting new collection of jewelry in July, with a gallery exhibition of the Tree Opals, 15-million-year-old fossilized Indonesian wood turned into unique opals, evocative of land or sky scapes. Anchored around these exceptional turquoise and rich brown Tree Opals, bold Yahwah Opals were interspersed with paraiba, brown and icy diamonds, then set in warm and sensual rose gold to create this unique, “never too precious to wear” collection. Little did she know that the collection would  be the one to mark the 15th Anniversary of Nina Runsdorf later on in November. 

Meanwhile, Nina was working away with her daughter Alexa, developing a secondary mark, or logo, for the brand. The two landed on a design a few weeks later, inspired by the roots of a tree, a sign which holds further meaning in 'Runsdorf language'.

From inception, Nina always meant to link the collection to charity. Having witnessed the fires raging in California and devastating climate related events becoming so common around the world, the designer and her team felt they couldn’t work on a collection celebrating trees without considering our environment. After a few weeks of research, they found a match with the Environmental Justice Foundation, or EJF for short. 

The idea of creating a unique item to commemorate the anniversary, the new logo and the charity stemmed naturally from there. Shortly thereafter, the Tree of Life bracelet was born.


The Tree of Life Bracelet by Nina Runsdorf on white background


EJF’s vision is for a world where natural ecosystems and wildlife are sustained by the communities who live within them, committed to environmental justice and to protect both people and our shared planet. The foundation is praised for being high-impact, dynamic and responsive to issues of greatest need and urgency with cost-effectiveness unparalleled in the sector. The majority of EJF’s income comes from private philanthropy in Europe and the USA; public grant-makers; donations, events and collaborations.

“This means the world to me, I think the most important thing is to protect our planet and our people.” Says Nina Runsdorf. When asked how long the bracelet would be on sale, Runsdorf added: “We should always have the bracelet, it will be a permanent part of our collection. This is just the beginning: look out for two new versions next year.” 


The UK Non-Profit Director and co-founder of EJF Juliette Williams said:

“We are delighted that Nina Runsdorf is partnering with EJF to protect people and our shared planet. Nina's beautiful Tree of Life will help EJF to protect the rich beauty of forests in Brazil and Indonesia, and inspire as a unique reminder of our own place within Nature.”

“Enjoy every single minute of your life. Let’s look after each other. And remember what are the most important things in life.” Nina added as parting words.

All proceeds from the Tree of Life bracelet will be donated to the Environmental Justice Foundation as an ongoing commitment to supporting to the charity and are sold exclusively on