Jewelry Care

Nina Runsdorf jewelry is made with precious and semi-precious stones carefully selected for each unique design. To help preserve your jewelry and ensure its lasting beauty, we recommend the following practices to care for your jewelry according to the needs of each specific piece.


General recommendations for caring for any and all of your jewelry include:

Be mindful of activities that may damage your jewelry; such as swimming, gardening, lifting heavy items and any other activity that might put extra pressure on your jewelry pieces.

Consider removing your jewelry when you apply any makeup, hair, or other cosmetic products.



Diamonds can be cleaned with warm water, gentle soap, and a soft brush. A bezel-set diamond can be more difficult to wash at home and may require professional cleaning if desired.



Opals are an extremely delicate stone and should be cared for accordingly. Their high water content makes them especially susceptible to damage from changes in humidity, climate, and temperature. Significant temperature changes, contact with household chemicals, cosmetics and ultrasonic cleaning should be avoided to keep your opals in the best possible condition. 



Emeralds are a slightly more delicate stone than diamonds, and should be gently cleaned with a clean, dry polishing cloth. Emeralds are more susceptible to damage from excessive heat and contact with chemicals and should be worn accordingly. 



All enamel jewelry should be removed if at risk of contact with high heat (such as hot showers or steam rooms), water, sweat, lotion and cosmetics in general. Enamel should also never come into contact with any solvent like nail polish remover or isopropyl alcohol. If you wish to remove excess dirt from enamel jewelry, use a biodegradable soap or bring your piece in for professional care.


Slice Diamonds

Unlike regular diamond jewelry, our slice diamond jewelry is quite fragile. At risk of cracking, make sure to remove your slice diamond jewelry before engaging in exercising, or any activity that will put your jewelry at risk of experiencing any force or pressure. Slice diamond jewelry should also always be stored by wrapping in tissue paper and separate from other pieces.



Pearls are best cleaned with a soft, dry polishing cloth. Do not use ultrasonic cleaning on pearl jewelry. Long term storage, however, may make your pearl jewelry slightly dull; frequent wear and exposure to natural oils can help maintain the stone’s luster.


Precious metals

Nina Runsdorf jewelry is made of 18K and 20K White, Rose, and Yellow Golds, and Platinum. Such metals will not tarnish, though washing these pieces, especially chains, with warm water and a gentle soap will keep them clean. Such metals can always be professionally polished to return them to their original shine!


If your Nina Runsdorf jewelry sustains damages, please contact us at so that we can assess your piece and determine the proper proceedings for a repair.