Nina’s latest visit to the City of Lights

Recently Nina took a voyage to the French capital to showcase her latest collections this season, amongst which “Claire de Lune” and “Les Jardins”. She flew over her newest romantic moonstones, organic grey diamonds, and a colorful array of sapphires, iolites, emeralds, tanzanites, pink topazes, and pops of apple green enamel.

In between appointments, Nina roamed the streets of Paris with Berlin-based photographer Maxime Ballestros, who joyfully captured Nina behind the scenes at her hotel and on her visits to galleries, cafes, and rare bookshops. Nina even shared a moment with some French police officers not far from the Palais de l’Elysee. Sadly no sighting of the French president! 

See some mementos from her trip below.

In the Garden at the Hotel Le Bristol 

Taking to the streets of Paris 

New moonstones galore!

Paying homage to a goddess

Who says you can’t garden in heels?

Hungry for some emerald earrings!

A new fluffy friend

Bookstore finds

Reporting for duty! 

All in the details 

Sneaking a peek before dinner 


Nina’s latest visit to the City of Lights
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